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and save you the time and money that you can put in

nurturing and growing your business

We will find out your misplaced decimal

How it works



Free initial consultation 

Discussion about your business, existing problems and customized





You'll start getting monthly financial statements. See a clear picture of profitability & rooms for improvements.



Designing solution

Then we will assess your

requirements and design the

suitable solution


Sales tax

We will keep track of your Sales Tax Return due dates and will prepare tax returns and file them on your behalf.



Setting up

We will then set you up

on cloud based

accounting tools




Get relaxed from the burden on your head. Let us be the partner in your SUCCESS


  • Can we have in-person meetings?
    We are a cloud bookkeeping service provider, we only work on remote basis. We talk to our clients using virtual meeting applications.
  • How can I send you my bank statements and receipts?
    You don’t need to send us your bank statements. We will use tools such as Hubdoc and Receipt bank to directly receive the bank statements from the financial institutions. There are three ways to share bills and receipts 1. Scan everything and share it with us on cloud drive 2. We will give you access to cloud based tools, from those apps you can take picture of receipts & bills using your smartphone, we will take it forward from there 3. You can send the bills and receipts on our mailing address in Mississauga. Our staff members will scan them on your behalf.
  • Is there any cheaper solution?
    Yes, there is a cheaper solution if you want to get the bookkeeping done on Cash basis. The charges for bookkeeping on a cash basis will be way less than accrual basis.
  • Are the charges for these cloud accounting tools included in the fees?
    Yes, we can include them in fees based on your requirements. If you are already paying for any of these subscriptions then that will be excluded from our fees.
  • Do I need to provide my credit card information for getting a Free Trial?
    No, you don’t need to provide your credit card information for availing free trial.
  • By when I need to provide you the documents for monthly bookkeeping?
    In order for us to provide you with monthly financial statements on a timely basis, it’s very important to get bookkeeping documents like bank statement / visa statements within the stipulated time. If you have signed up for weekly or bi-weekly bookkeeping then it’s desirable on our part to get the view access of your bank account using bank websites. Alternatively, we can also use tools like Hubdoc or receipt bank to retrieve your statements as soon as they are generated. If you have signed up for monthly bookkeeping and you don’t want us to get the statements either ways we mentioned above then you would need to download and provide the bank statements within 2 working days after they are generated. Other terms can be decided mutually at the time of initial setup.

Behind on your bookkeeping?

Months / years behind on your bookkeeping?

Or if you have no bookkeeping at all, a dedicated Catch Up Bookkeeping team can get you back on track—fast.

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