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We do your bookkeeping.

You grow your business.

Bring clarity to your business with monthly financial statements delivered to your inbox. Make data-driven decisions to grow your business to the next level.

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What people say about the fastest growing online Bookkeeping service

"Vedo’s bookkeeping service has been very helpful for our company. They have a high-quality approach to their work at competitive rates. Our accounting became a lot more efficient because of them. I would recommend any business looking to grow to use their services."

Javin Garcia
E-Commerce owner

—  Name, Title

Tools we use

Quickbooks Online
Receipt Bank
Amazon bookkeeping
Best Buy Bookkeeping
Shopify Bookkeeping
Stripe Bookkeeping
E-Commerce Bookkeeping

Why us?

Our team members have years of professional experience in the field of accounting. They know the expectations of business owners.

They help them get utmost clarity on the financial

side of their business. We take your pain and 

provide you clarity and convenience.

Who are we?

We’re a cloud bookkeeping service firm providing services to various small and medium sized companies. Our cloud based services provide convenience and clarity to your business.

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Our services

Monthly bookkeeping

We will keep your books of account up-to-date using various cloud bookkeeping tools. We can provide bookkeeping services both on cash and accrual basis.


Most business owners get into stress at the time of tax filing. Transfer your stress to us, we will keep your books clean and ready for tax filings. We will also deal with your accountant during tax times.

Monthly bookkeeping tasks include:

1. Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

2. Posting Sales entries from various e-commerce platforms such as, Amazon, Shopify, Woo-commerce, Bestbuy etc.

3. Tax Reconciliation

4. Sales Tax Return filing

5. Adjusting journal entries

6. Liaison with your accountant



At times, it becomes difficult for business owners to keep track of unpaid bills. We are here to help you with that.


By using cloud based solutions, we will keep track of your payable and keep on sending you the list of payable on regular intervals.


You will be able to make payment just by the click of a button.

1. Never skip utility payments

2. No NSF Fees

3. No need to spend time on writing and mailing cheques

4. Efficient management of Accounts Payable

5. Virtual Accounts Payable assistant


Get your payroll managed by the team of payroll experts. We will run your payroll on a weekly / bi-weekly / semi monthly / monthly basis.


We use cloud based tools such as Quickbooks / wagepoint to run periodic payroll.

1. Direct deposit in the employee’s bank account

2. Efficient use of cloud platform for generating payroll reports on timely basis

3. Don’t miss a Tax Deduction Payment

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